From the Minister Q1 2018

Dear Unity Family & Friends,

The New Year of 2018 has arrived! It’s a wonderful time to engage in new adventures and explore the beckoning possibilities inherent in new beginnings. As we allow our thoughts to turn in the direction of creative aspirations, visionary dreams, and new goals, we feel inspired and uplifted. The start of a new year brings with it a powerful incentive to release old habits, embrace change, and to move forward in focused and expansive ways. Even though embarking on unexplored paths may feel uncomfortable or seem daunting at first, as we embrace and move with the flow of change, exciting vistas and experiences open before us. As they do, we feel the impetus of new opportunities propelling us forward more boldly and confidently into limitless possibilities.

Opening our eyes with discerning awareness we can determine afresh what goals, desires, and dreams are calling within our being. There is a clean canvas before us waiting to be painted on, and it is up to us to decide what our life painting will be. Drawing upon the inner wisdom and insight of our Higher Christ potential helps us to envision forward in positive and affirming ways, allowing us to live differently with enthusiasm, excitement, and great magnificence. What we focus our intentions upon will draw us forward into the ever fuller and more creative expressions of our heart’s aspirations. Tapping into that potential through our affirmative thoughts and God centered focus, we are free to create the lives that we desire.

Through our willingness to release and heal away circumstances, situations, and beliefs of the past that no longer serve us, we become receptive to creative intuition and infinite ideas. When we focus on the “new” we are moving into, rather than the regrets of what we are releasing that hold us back from our true potential, we launch ourselves positively forward into greater good. Through the use of Truth Principles and tapping into the expansive Wisdom of God, we are guided forward into the vast potentials of the unknown, poised and ready to create a new future that we might never before have dreamed possible.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.    Franklin D. Roosevelt

With a willingness to take each day a step at a time, we can easily relax into and experience the uplifting process of co-creatorship with God that calls us higher into a greater expression of happiness. 

Here at Unity Church Of Peace/Unity Of Michiana we continue to affirm positive and prosperous steps forward in the process of selling our current location and moving into a new spiritual home. We continue to seek a place for us that is warm, openly inviting, sacred and beautiful…one which will accommodate our needs for both our youth and adult Spiritual Community. As we hold this intention in our prayers for Highest Good, we participate together in manifesting a place where we can provide inspiration, upliftment, spiritual enrichment, and loving connection to all.

In February we’re excited to be offering a second opportunity to experience applying dynamic Prosperity Principles through the Prosperity Plus program as taught (through a DVD program) by well-known unity Minister Mary Morrissey. Her Plus II program was a resounding success last year, and many people have requested and are looking forward to this different 10 week class Mary offers and the opportunity to actively demonstrate prosperity and abundance in their lives.

Going forward into this New Year, let us stand firmly in our Faith - our deep ongoing connection with God - that reminds us of the Truth of our Being and our ability to realize positive outcome. With purpose and conviction, let us participate confidently in partnership with God, knowing we will be sustained and encouraged in accomplishing all that is to be done by us for the Good of all.

Many Blessings Always …In Light & Love,

Rev. Sandie