From the Minister

Dear Unity Community & Friends,

As the ever-increasing warmth of the springtime sun invokes its magic, buds appear on trees, flowering plants burst into color, and Mother Nature exhibits an amazing show of unfolding beauty and new life! It elicits within me a sense of expectant excitement and wonder after the freezing temperatures, snow draped landscapes, and hibernation time of winter. My soul responds to the universal invitation to reawaken as I become aware of the vibrant blossoming visible around me…Springtime in all its lovely display! It’s a meaningful reminder that all of creation is part of an ongoing cycle, a journey of ebb and flow, contraction and expansion, release and new birth. The warm sunshine upon my face beckons me to participate in renewal and rebirth.

Spring is a wonderful time to look ahead, to uncover and discover our own inner creative expression, and to eagerly embrace new possibilities and affirmative pathways. Through a willingness to live forward in positive intent and with expectation, we are guided towards expansive opportunities. As we choose to be open to our own inner “springtime,” we feel the stirring of a heightened consciousness just waiting to be nurtured into fuller expression. In focusing upon inner inspiration, we allow God’s ever-present limitless creativity to flow through us into outer form, similar to a flower coming into full bloom, or the graceful budding of new leaves upon a tree.

Joining with others of like mind in our wonderful Unity Spiritual Community, we focus on envisioning ways to enhance our own lives while supporting and uplifting others. Taking that creative passion out into our community and workplace, we live in positive ways to effect change. As we participate in compassionate and self-affirming dialogue and exchange with others, we foster an inclusive inter-connection and oneness and contribute towards making a difference and bettering our world.

Continuing on our journey in selling the church and finding and moving into a new Spiritual home that is just right for us, we prayerfully work together to accomplish our dreams! Let us choicefully participate in holding a Higher Consciousness filled with positive expectancy knowing we are being Divinely Guided forward for our Greater Good. Grounded in our faith-filled recognition of the limitless outpouring of God’s Prosperity and Abundance, we join together to support each other in magnifying our inherent capacity to manifest every manner of good.

With loving intention, we reach out to invite all to experience Positive Spirituality and a deeper experience of connecting with God. Come play, create, thrive, and be part of a caring group of people who desire to be all they can be and who want to make a difference in their lives and in our community. Find a place to actualize your dreams…join with us in a meaningful journey towards success, prosperity, and well-being.

In Love & Light Always,

Many Blessings,

Rev. Sandie