From the Minister

Dear Unity Family and Friends,
As I look out at the trees and see the leaves just beginning to change color, I simply wonder…where has all the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was enjoying summertime activities and how long the daylight lasted! Now I’m feeling the first cool morning chilliness and experiencing the earlier onset of evening darkness…Fall has arrived, with winter and the Holidays soon to follow. Wow! Time to shift into warmer clothes, cozy blankets, close-toed shoes and a fire in the fireplace!  
Embracing the shift of the seasons brings with it an awareness and reminder that ‘change’…the flow of the universe… is a constant and natural part of the life we face moment to moment every day. And though usually the changes we experience are all part of an easy flow, sometimes what we face may seem more challenging or difficult, and can cause resistance, concern, upset, or avoidance. When that happens, it is easy to find ourselves distracted from the truth of our innate wholeness by our fears, concerns, and the uneasiness experienced when we face the unfamiliar. 
When this is so, we often prefer for things to remain as they have been, or hold onto what we’re used to, rather than looking forward to the excitement and possibility of exploring new opportunities. Yet change is the constancy of existence…in our families/relationships, the workplace, our Spiritual Community, our world. It is how we move forward into new expressions of Being, how we live into the greater Truth and Potential of who we’re designed to be! 
It is at these times that we most need to feel the loving support and uplifting oneness that is established in turning to and connecting deeply with God and with each other. In so doing we create a foundation of higher awareness upon which to stand as we face various shifting circumstances in our lives. Though sometimes letting go of what “has been” can seem challenging, when we do let go and move forward, we discover the great gifts that are before us! As Spiritual Community, let’s support and encourage each other in this ongoing journey of unfoldment to embrace new potential and practice the Truth Principles that light our path toward fulfillment and positive expression.
Giving thanks for having successfully sold our Unity Church of Peace facility (with the option to stay yet for a few months), we move positively forward in a Powerful, God-Centered vision towards locating a new Spiritual Center home that is just right for us, knowing we are guided by the inspiring Wisdom and Direction of Divine Mind. Holding Highest Intentional Prayer together, let us demonstrate the Truth we know as we affirm in Oneness…
• God is our constant and unlimited source of every good, and we are being abundantly provided for every step of the way.
• Every resource we need is available to us with ease and grace, supporting us unfailingly in finding and acquiring a new Spiritual home location that fits all our needs abundantly and fills our minds and hearts with gladness.
For these great gifts we are deeply grateful, and we celebrate together the abundance of God, filled with enthusiasm and joy! Holding this vision in prayer, we powerfully manifest our highest good!
Looking forward to the wonderful times ahead of Holidays and special gatherings, let us remember as we celebrate Thanksgiving that it affords us a time to deepen our sense of appreciation and gratitude for the abundance and prosperity we experience daily. Through the recognition and affirmation that God is always our source of unlimited possibility, we are opened to the automatic flow of goodness all around. 
And with Christmas just around the corner, let us embrace the Grace, Delight, and Joys of this deeply touching and spiritually centered time.  In doing so we open ourselves to the wonder of the Christ consciousness indwelling us all. As we open our hearts and are receptive to a heightened flow of Unconditional Love and Wisdom, we are in-filled with a sense of the beauty and graciousness of our true God-nature Being. Let us walk in the light of this greater awareness, sharing our love, appreciation, and caring with those around us. 
In Love & Light Always,
Rev. Sandie