From the Minister

Dear Unity Family and Friends,

Summer is here, providing us with a wonderful, open invitation to kick back and enjoy fun outdoor activities, while taking time to appreciate friends, family and the delights nature has to offer. It’s a supportive time to focus on relaxation and renewal, allowing ourselves to slow down our pace where possible. It’s a great time to set aside some of our burdens and breathe into each present moment with gratitude for the goodness of respite and being re-energized.

With a willingness to open ourselves to a more peaceful flow, it’s easier to connect to our inner being, experiencing a deeper and more sustaining connection with Divine Presence. This allows us to be nurtured, uplifted, and reminded of how loved and blessed we are all the time. It also helps heal away stress and over-burden. It supports us in looking to our future and envisioning more clearly where we’d like to be vs. where we sometimes find life “taking us!”

Relaxing into a sure sense that our good is at hand, we can trust in the higher Wisdom, Inspiration and Guidance that’s available when we’re calm and receptive. We can know that opportunities and abundance lie before us as we lay hold of positive intentions and visions in our lives and in the world around us. This centered assurance allows us to follow our dreams and manifest in profound ways! 

Progressing into summer and fall we continue facing a time of transition, change and new opportunities for our Unity Spiritual Community. We know we’re being called into an expanded, evolving and newly re-defined spiritual experience of and for ourselves, and for our greater Community at large. As we move forward with the completion of the sale of our church and look towards moving to a new location, it is a normal human experience to face the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come when change is on the horizon. However, joining together in this expansive endeavor, we can be present for each other, acknowledging this as a Divinely Guided process, trusting in the presence of the Divine Being of God to inspire and uphold us as we embark upon our new journey.

Continued prayerful focus and affirmation to remain in alignment with God’s Direction and take right action towards our Highest Good creates a synergy of powerful, positive intention. It also manifests a connection of oneness with each other. It’s our joint prayerful participation that will draw it forth in faith from God’s limitless substance into outer expression.

Let’s each be a part of envisioning and participating in creating a new spiritual home where we can grow and appreciate each other as together we learn and practice spiritual tools that help us address life’s issues with greater ease …where we can be embraced and feel the Love, Peace and the Presence of Spirit …a place that is warm and openly inviting to all who seek spiritual upliftment, inspiration and the opportunity to be supported in navigating life more confidently and with abundance…a place where we can come together to celebrate, connect, heal and renew.

Let’s move forward together in exploring our similarities, our differences, and our individual uniqueness to creatively form a vibrant Spiritual Community of caring, serving, empowered people. Let’s positively share our dreams and aspirations to live generously, abundantly and in meaningful ways that bring all of us joy and satisfaction. Together we are spiritual humanity making a difference, and we are living the change we wish to see in our world. It is ours to create, ours to do, and centered together in the Love and Wisdom of God, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish! Let’s make it fabulous!

In Love & Light Always,
Rev. Sandie