From the Board

Thoughts from the Board

Can you feel it? We’re so close!

As I write these words we are continuing our negotiations and preparing to sell our current church building, opening the doors to a new and inviting spiritual home location. None of this would be possible without all of us tirelessly holding the space, creating the vision, and doing the work.

"Painting pictures in our mind of what we want serves as the foundation

for greater living and greater relationships." ~ Mary Morrissey

As we move forward in the coming months I would like to ask all of you to be aware of your thoughts, and as you can, increase the vibration of those thoughts to the highest frequency. You can do this by visualizing what you would like our spiritual center to look like and imagine it full of familiar as well as new faces. You can imagine how you’ll feel in this new special place for us as you walk in, attend service, and gather with friends. And you can practice the words you might say to those you will want to invite to come experience Unity of Michiana.

I know there will be both a lot of work and many questions as we prepare for the months ahead. Please always feel welcome to call on the board with any questions. We’re here to address concerns and share in the celebration with you. We are excited to have Julie Crick joining us this year and look forward to seeing you all at our next Planning Forward Meeting on April 8th.

Until then – Be good humans...share the love