Prayerful Healing

Prayerful Healing

Healing for Spirit, Mind, and Body
Using the Pilgrimage Healing Process
Relax…Experience a deep sense of peace
Receive...Prayers said for your intentions
Heal...Feel the Flow of Divine Energy
Pilgrimage Healing is available by appointment. If you are interested in scheduling
a Pilgrimage Healing session, please contact the
Church Office. A Pilgrimage Healing
Practitioner will return your call to schedule a mutually convenient date and time.
Sessions held at
Unity Church of Peace
905 E. Colfax Ave.
South Bend, IN 46617

We are also available to do healing sessions in other locations such as homes, hospitals
nursing homes. Sessions are offered free of charge, but donations are greatly appreciated.
The need for healing is universal...
There are times when we all feel out of balance or out of harmony with
ourselves, our surroundings, or other people. We may experience this in our
emotions, our physical bodies or our spiritual condition. Many times all three are affected.
How it works
The Pilgrimage Healing Process is designed to support
the innate healing ability that resides within each person.

It is based on two primary understandings:
First, that mind and body are connected in infinite ways. Second, that there is a powerful
energy within each individual that can be activated in the service of healing.
In a Pilgrimage Healing session, the healing partners pray for whatever mental,
spiritual or physical healing the client requests.The prayers are adapted to the belief
system of the person requesting healing.

The healing touch used in these sessions can relieve stress, tension,
fatigue and frequently any symptoms associated with these conditions.
The sessions re-energize and relax. They enable each person's own natural
resources to deal with illness or injury. Changes in attitude and quality of life
often follow and continue the work begun in these sessions.
Mission Statement
Pilgrimage Healing is dedicated to serving and empowering others by honoring their
wholeness in spirit, mind and body through their connection
to the loving, healing presence of God.
All Healing partners are trained in the Pilgrimage Healing Process
and are committed to empowering others.
Healing Partners
Linda Carter
Linda Jacobs
When two or more are gathered...
The Pilgrimage Healing Process began as a spiritual development group called
"The Gathering" introduced in 1990 at St. John's Episcopal Church in Clearwater, FL.
by the Rev. Tanya Beck and her colleague, Marilyn Gatlin, Ph.D.
Rev. Tanya's interest in the unity of mind/body/spirit led her
to integrate her background in mental health, her faith tradition
and her desire to bring healing to those in need.

“In these days often laden with fear, confusion and a desperate desire for inner
peace, in the midst of personal and global chaos, time spent intentionally caring for one
another is a spiritual mandate and privilege."

Rev. Tanya Beck, Founder,
Pilgrimage Healing Process