From the Minister Q4-2017

Dear Unity Family and Friends,

The leaves are now beginning their flamboyant show of color, while Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays are just around the corner…where did the summer go? Time to say goodbye to shorts and sandals and pull on our boots and jackets!

With the progression of the seasons comes a natural reminder that all of life continues ever onward and forward. As we notice and appreciate the shifts happening in nature, it helps us with a greater awareness that change is the natural order of things – in our families and relationships, the workplace, our Spiritual Community, and in our world. Even though moving forward sometimes feels challenging, when we “stay the course” with curiosity and open-mindedness, we discover that exciting new gifts lie before us as we venture forth in faith. It becomes an adventure to embrace and experience as we’re willing to explore new directions, new concepts and visions, new opportunities and expansive potential expression.

Continuing to walk forward with expectancy and confidence we discover there are limitless possibilities for abundance and fulfillment that we’ve not even considered before.  Knowing we cannot grasp hold of the GOODNESS/GODNESS that lies before us if we’re clutching onto the past, let us choose to reach forward with enthusiasm, excitement and an open sense of curiosity.

As our Unity Spiritual Center focuses on the successful completion of selling our facility, we move positively forward in locating a new center that is just right for us…one that is warm, inviting and peacefully sacred, is in a natural setting, has open sanctuary space in which to meet and connect, and is handicapped accessible …also with plenty of room for our youth, our fellowship and all other activities. Holding this vision in prayer together, we powerfully manifest our highest good!

In Light & Love…Blessings Always,  Rev. Sandie


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Along similar lines, here are words to ponder from an article by Jeffrey Small (Theologian & award winning author)…   

Re-imagining God in the 21st Century

Unlike the age of the Biblical writers, we live in a world ruled by science, technology and secular thought — a world that is interconnected in ways that a few decades ago was unimagined. Today we understand that our world is governed by physical laws from the subatomic realm to the cosmic, so where do we find room for God to act? Is God still relevant? How can we conceive of God today in a way that is honest to our intellects while satisfying to our hearts?

In this post… I will outline ways in which we can start to understand God in the modern world. For me, God must not just be consistent with scientific and rational thought but must embrace it. I have come to understand God, not as a transcendent Zeus-like figure, but instead as the infinite creative source of existence.

By “creative source” here, I do not mean to say that I think of God as creating existence by waving a magic wand from afar, but rather that all of existence — matter, energy, the physical laws which govern the universe, even our consciousness — comes out of God. I do not see this “coming from” God as just happening at one particular time in history, whether this was 6,000 years ago according to Genesis or 13.7 billion years ago according to the Big Bang theory, but it happens continually. I do not see God as a separate being, but rather God is the center of being within me and everything around me. God is what gives me life and gives existence its very structure. This power is infinite and indescribable because it lies behind all that is. God is not to be found “out there” but deep within existence.

My conception of God is not new but is derived from 20th-century Christian theologian Paul Tillich’s description of God as “the ground of being.” Tillich himself was influenced by centuries of theologians and philosophers before him who thought of God in similar terms.

My view of God was also influenced by another 20th century philosopher-theologian, Alfred North Whitehead…For Whitehead, God is not a static supernatural creature but is the essence of the creative process of the universe. God does not sit in a different dimensional heaven and watch us go about our daily lives, occasionally intervening for good measure. But God is immanent within the universe as its creative power.

Whitehead insists that the traditional image of God as unchanging must be reconsidered. A God truly immanent within existence means that as the universe expands and evolves, so does God. This view of God also does not mean that God is directing and determining every creative act, but only that the power for existence comes out of God. Essential to the creative power that God bestows on the universe is the ability of its constituent parts (including us) to self-create. The scientific laws that govern the universe- the randomness and uncertainty inherent in both quantum mechanics and evolution, for example- are then not contrary to God but become crucial elements of the divine creative process.

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