From the Minister

Summer is here with sunny days and puffy, cloud filled skies - a beckoning invitation to appreciate the outdoors…relaxing, playing and having fun!  It’s a time to soak in the heat of the sun, laze on the river or lake, find respite in the shade of a tree, plant flowers in the garden or toast marshmallows around a campfire circle.  It’s a wonderful time to step outside our normal routine and seek renewing, uplifting and re-energizing activities like concerts in the park and lively good times with friends.

Because we so often get busy and tied up with our lives, we forget the importance of letting go our burdens.  It’s vital for us all to take time apart to replenish our body, mind and spirit.  When we opt for more fun and relaxation, it stops what is often a hectic, dogmatic pace and gives us time to reconnect with the peace and happiness of our inner being.  When we do so, it allows us not only to refresh our whole being, but also opens the way for a deeper and more sustaining experience and connection with Divine Presence, to be nurtured and uplifted and reminded of how loved and blessed we are all the time.

Having opened to this renewal, we can be more in touch and connected to our own Divine life journey.  It allows us an opportunity to seek different ways of participating with others in being part of a larger picture that serves to create a happier life for ourselves and for our world.  It is this mindful participation that brings us a sense of satisfaction and connection to a greater whole.

This Summer/Fall is also a time of change and new opportunities for our Unity Spiritual Community.  As we go forward with the sale of our church and moving to a new location, it is a normal human experience to face the many thoughts, feelings and emotions that come when change is on the horizon.  Joining together in this expansive endeavor, we can be present with, and for, each other in this Divinely Guided process… trusting in the presence of the Divine Being of God to inspire and uphold us as we embark upon this new journey.

Let us each be a part of envisioning and participating in creating a new spiritual home where we can be together in support and appreciation of each other…where we can be embraced and feel the peace and the presence of spirit…a place that is warm and openly inviting to all who seek spiritual renewal, upliftment, inspiration and the opportunity to learn and grow…a place where we can come together to celebrate, connect, heal and renew.

It’s up to us to “jump in with both feet” to discover together how we can manifest the design and direction of our highest dreams and best potential.  It’s also a great opportunity to claim prosperity through gladly giving and receiving of our “Time, Talent and Treasure” in all areas of our life, trusting in God as our true unlimited source

Knowing that together we create our spiritual community, let’s keep the lines of communication open to work with each other in loving kindness, compassion and positive expectancy as we move forward into our next expression of Being…into our new Spiritual home…

Let’s hold hands together in joined purpose…let’s aim for our highest good…ready, set, JUMP!

In Love & Light Always,

Rev. Sandie