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April 23Treading Gently On Planet Earth[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
April 16Roll The Tombstone From Your Heart…An Easter Resurrection[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
April 9Pathway Of Palms…A Journey Of Humbleness[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
April 2Prosperous Living – Abundant Results   Part 2: Tuning To A Different Channel[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 26Prosperous Living – Abundant Results   Part 1: Shifting Our Mindset[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 19Luck, Blarney Stone Or Divine Principle?[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 12Creativity…Big Magic Part 3: From Divine Ideas…To ‘Game-Changing’ Results[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 5Creativity…Big Magic Part 2: Let Imagination Flow[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
February 26Creativity…Big Magic Part 1[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
February 19Are We Speaking The Language Of Love?  Part 2: Forgiveness is the Key[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
February 12Are We Speaking The Language Of Love?[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
February 5Our Spiritual Community…Part Of A Greater Unity Vision Part 2[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
January 29Our Spiritual Community…Part Of A Greater Unity Vision Part 1[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
January 22Letter To God/Higher-Self…Visioning Forward[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
January 15The White Stone Experience…A New Spiritual ‘Name’/Vision[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
January 8Make Room for God (Rev. Dr. Barbara Gulbranson) [Guided Meditation]



December 18The Wonder Of Christmas… Prevailing Peace, Joyfulness Shared[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
December 4The Light Of Love Illuminates Our World[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
November 27Hope for Things Not Seen (Terry Peters) [Guided Meditation]
November 20Giving Thanks Multiplies Our Blessings![Quotes][Guided Meditation]
November 13We The People…Standing Strong In Prayer[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
November 6Surprise! (Rev. John Williams) [Guided Meditation]
October 30The Value of Myths, Traditions, and Folklore[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
October 23Expectancy & Anticipation…A Powerful Exercise of Faith[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
October 16Blessed Are The Children…[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
October 9The Power Of Collective Vision & Focus[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
October 2Activating Spiritual Authority…Claiming Our Divine Power[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
September 25How Divine Order Manifests In Our Lives[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
September 18Embracing Differences…Welcoming Each Other[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
September 11Stepping Forward, Energized By God[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
September 4From presence to Presence: Affirmative Prayer As Our Response to the World - Jackie Ambrow [Guided Meditation]
August 28You Asked For It: The Energy of Prayer…Experiencing God Differently![Quotes][Guided Meditation]
August 21You Asked For It: Here Now…Here After…Life Everlasting (also Dr Roy Hill)[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
August 14You Asked For It: Suffering & Joy…Where Does God Fit In?[Quotes] 
August 7You Asked For It: Jesus…Christianity…Christ Consciousness[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
July 31The Power Of Sacred Service[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
July 24Redefining 'Church'... (part 2) Creating Spiritual Community[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
July 17Redefining 'Church'... (part 1)[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
July 10The Things We Value, The Way We Share[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
July 3Unity Of Spirit…Oneness Of Purpose; Part 2:Our Part To Play[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
June 26Unity Of Spirit…Oneness Of Purpose; Part 1:Unity Today[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
June 19Fathers Forever Young (Terry Peters) [Guided Meditation]
June 12The Power Of Appreciation…Part 2: Living It Forward[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
June 5The Power Of Appreciation…Transformative Energy[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
May 29The Rhythm of Divine Order... Part 2[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
May 22The Rhythm of Divine Order[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
May 8Gratitude For A Mother’s Love[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
May 1The Pause In-Between[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
April 24Joining In Unity….Walking Gently on Planet Earth[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
April 17Connection…Gratitude…Trust![Quotes][Guided Meditation]
April 10Why Unity?  (Laurie Rutkowski & Sue Ellen Peters) [Guided Meditation]
April 3Simple Gifts…Uniquely You![Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 20A Humble Journey Into Jerusalem[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 13Planetary Heart… Joining Together In Prayer[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 6Planetary Heart…The Healing Power of Prayer[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
February 28Love Celebrates[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
February 21Love Serves[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
February 14Love Heals[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
February 7The ‘Attraction Principle’ Takes Practice[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
January 31The Law of Attraction In Action[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
January 24Letter To God…Visioning Forward[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
January 17The White Stone Experience…An Inner Heart Name[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
January 10Roots: The Church Before the Church (Lisa Greco) [Guided Meditation]
January 3Burning Bowl Service (Lauren Lane Powell)  



December 27Grateful For Our Past…Ready For A New Year![Quotes][Guided Meditation]
December 20The Wonder of Joy[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
December 13Establishing World Peace Is An Inside Job & YOU's "Metaphysical Christmas"[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
December 6Love…Our Greatest Gift To Give[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
November 29The Gift of Hope (Terry Peters) [Guided Meditation]
November 22Consciously Grateful…Sharing Our Good[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
November 15Consciously Grateful[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
November 8Living Forward…Open Hearted, Spiritually Connected[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
November 1New Beginnings…The Journey Forward[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
October 25Trusting Change…Journey Through The Desert[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
October 18Trusting Change…Valuing The In-Between[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
October 11Trusting the Process of Change Part 1[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
October 4Navigating Change & Transition Together[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
September 27Common-Unity…Creating Together, Living Our Joy[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
September 20A New Vision  (Rev Marty Newman) [Guided Meditation]
September 13What Does 'Spiritual Community' Mean Today?[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
September 6The Law of Heart Action  (Rev John Williams) [Guided Meditation]
August 30Life Loves You…Chapter 5: Being Grateful Now[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
August 23Life Loves You...Chapter 3: Forgiving the Past[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
August 16Life Loves You…Chapter 3: Following your Joy[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
August 9Life Loves You…Chapter 1: Looking in the Mirror[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
August 2Ireland…Music, Spirituality, Connection[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
July 26Becoming Aware…Chapter 9: Aware of Life’s Roadblocks[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
July 19Becoming Aware...Chapter 8: And Not Stressed Out (Terry Peters) [Guided Meditation]
July 12Becoming Aware…Of Your True Potential  "Becoming Aware” by Lisa Garr[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
July 5The Spiritual Freedom to Manifest Dreams!  "Becoming Aware” by Lisa Garr[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
June 28Spiritual Community…Faith In Action[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
June 21Thanks Dad!  (Mona Johnson & Lauren Lane Powell + Rev Sandie)[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
June 14The DisEase of Busyness (Dr. Carol Singler) [Guided Meditation]
June 7Making Wise Choices…Going For The Good![Quotes][Guided Meditation]
May 24Clarity Of Purpose… Part 2: Aligns Us In Positive Divine Intention[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
May 17Clarity Of Purpose…Creates A Lighted Forward Path[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
May 10Honoring The Divine Feminine[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
May 3Aware Of The Past, Expectant Of The Future, Present To The Sacred “Now”[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
April 26Finding Peace (Martha Hall Bowman) [Guided Meditation]
April 19Grief, Compassion, and the American Way (Rev Marty Newman) [Guided Meditation]
April 12From The Inside Out[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
April 5Do We Really Believe In The Resurrection?[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 29Preparing The Way…Our Journey Into Jerusalem[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 22Embracing Life’s Journey… Part 2: Appreciating The Ride[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 15Embracing Life’s Journey… Letting Go To Move Forward[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 1Being Part Of Spiritual Community Part 1: How Spiritual Community Serves Me[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
February 22What Am I Missing? (Tom Searcy) [Guided Meditation]
February 8The Paradox of Forgiveness (Terry Peters)              [Guided Meditation Text] [Guided Meditation]
January 25Letter to God…Higher Self Intention 2015 (Technical Difficulties Last 30%)[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
January 18White Stone Experience…Personal Vision Forward (Technical Difficulties Last 30%)[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
January 11Visioning Forward and Change (Board of Trustees) [Guided Meditation]
January 4Burning Bowl Service (Sue Ellen & Terry Peters) Included in Message



December 28What's Your Spiritual Gift? (Lisa Greco)[Handout] 
December 21Shared Joy Brings Christmas Blessings[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
December 14Inner Peace Creates World Harmony[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
December 7The Healing Blessing Of Love[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
November 30The Embodiment of Hope (Rev Barbara Jung)  
November 23Gratitude…Part 3: Our Path To “Thanks-Living” (Incomplete)[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
November 16Gratitude… Part 2: Our Key To Abundance[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
November 9Gratitude…Our Connection To God[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
November 2Re-Defining Prosperity…Giving & Receiving Abundantly[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
October 26Re-Defining Prosperity…Creating Positive Spiritual Community[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
October 19Re-Defining Prosperity…Manifesting Our Good[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
October 12All Creatures Great & Small…Honoring Our Pets & The Animal Kingdom[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
October 5Mysticism and the Spiritual Life (Dr. Carol Singler) [Guided Meditation]
September 28The Power Of Prayer… Healing Our World[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
September 21The Power Of Prayer…Part 3: Healing Our Lives[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
September 14The Power Of Prayer…Making A Difference - Part 2[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
September 7The Power Of Prayer…Making A Difference[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
August 31The Power of Prayer (Board of Trustees) [Guided Meditation]
August 24Revisiting E2... Our Thoughts Have Impact “Blessed Abundantly”[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
August 17Revisiting E2... Our Thoughts Have Impact “Body Talk”[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
August 10Revisiting E2... Our Thoughts Impact Our World “Ireland The E2 Way”[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
August 3Standing on the Threshold of Transformation (Rev Emerita Barabara Jung) [Guided Meditation]
July 27Judgement Day - After Day - After Day (Tom Searcy) [Guided Meditation]
July 20Who’s Really In Charge? Part 2: Willing Partners[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
July 13Who’s Really In Charge? Part 1: Learning To Dance With God[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
July 6Everything's A Gift, Embracing It All  (Lauren Lane Powell) [Guided Meditation]
June 29Unity…A New Perspective, Part 2: Creating Our Good [Guided Meditation]
June 22Unity…A New Perspective[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
June 15The Three Fathers (Terry Peters) includes meditation  
June 8Walking In The Present Moment[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
June 1Wholeness and Worth 101 (Terry Peters) [Guided Meditation]
May 25Finding Balance in a Crazy Busy World (Lisa Greco)  [Guided Meditation]
May 11Mother Earth…Mother God…A Mother’s Love[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
May 4Are We Playing Life’s Game, Or Are We Sitting On The Sidelines?[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
April 27The Message Of Spring…God In Bloom[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
April 20Thru Darkness Into Light…Arise In Celebration[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
April 13Our Path Of Palms Into Jerusalem[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
April 6Following Our Inner GPS…(God Positioning System)[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 30Creating from the Field of Potentiality...Guided By Greater Wisdom[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 23Creating from the Field of Potentiality...Abundant Good Everywhere[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 16Creating from the Field of Potentiality...As Moving Waves Of Energy[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 9Creating from the Field of Potentiality...According To Our Beliefs & Expectations[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
March 2Creating from the Field of Potentiality...More than Coincidence[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
February 23Putting Our Heart Into It…Creating A Positive Now![Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
February 16Put Your Heart Into It![Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
February 9What We Value, Part 2...Spiritually and Globally[Quotes]   [Guided Meditation]
February 2What We Value, Part 1...Personally (Letters to God)[Quotes]   [Guided Meditation]
January 19The White Stone Experience...A New Vision, A New "Name"[Quotes]   [Guided Meditation]
January 12Burning Bowl Service (Lauren Lane Powell)  Included in Message



December 29Opportunity (Lisa Greco) [Guided Meditation]
December 22A Heartfelt Christmas...Joy to the World[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
December 15A Heartfelt Christmas...the "Presents" of Peace[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
December 8Love is God's Christmas Gift[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
December 1What If You Were the One?  (Sue Ellen Peters) [Guided Meditation]
November 24Living in Gratitude-Part 2: Receiving Abundant Blessings[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
November 17Living in Gratitude-Part 1: Creating Abundant Good[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
November 10Going with Ebb and Flow-Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
November 3Going with Ebb and Flow-Living Into a New Era[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
October 27Has Your Consciousness Changed? (Douglas Blue Feather) [Guided Meditation]
October 20Going with Ebb and Flow-Toward Positive Outcome[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
October 13Grace for the Journey (Rev Marty Newman) [Guided Meditation]
October 6The Miracle of Now! (Katie Steele) Included in Message
September 29Making a Difference-Unity Moving Forward[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
September 22Making a Difference-Reaching In Enables Reaching Out[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
September 15Making a Difference-One by One[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
September 8The Positive Power of Prayer[Quotes]   [Guided Meditation]
September 1Labor of Love[Quotes]   [Guided Meditation]
August 25The Magic of Sound and Color (Diane Winn) [Guided Meditation]
August 18Unlocking the Mind by Releasing the Past (Don Weeks)[Graphic]   [Guided Meditation]
August 11Music is God's Voice of Inspiration[Quotes]   [Guided Meditation]
August 4Laughter Lightens Our Lives[Quotes]   [Guided Meditation]
July 28The Love of Your Life (Rev Scott Sherman) [Guided Meditation]
July 21Beyond What Our Eyes Can See[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
July 14Flowing in the God Current[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
July 7The Promised Land (Lisa Greco) [Guided Meditation]
June 30Taking the 'Either/Or' Out of Our God Connection, Part 2 [Guided Meditation]
June 23Taking the 'Either/Or' Out of Our God Connection, Part 1 [Guided Meditation]
June 16Father's Fairy Tales (Terry Peters)  
June 9I AM Unity: A Board Perspective (Board of Trustees) [Guided Meditation]
June 2The Truth About Love (YOU Service) [Guided Meditation]
May 26The View From The Top Is Worth The Climb-Part 4:  Celebrating Our Accomplishments[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
May 19The View From The Top Is Worth The Climb-Part 3: Taking the First Steps[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
May 12The View From The Top Is Worth The Climb-Part 2: Mothers See With Eyes Of Love[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
May 5The View From The Top Is Worth The Climb-Part 1: What ‘Mountains’ Will You Climb?[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
April 28Universal Worship Service (The Rev. Murshida Tasnim Hermila Fernandez)  
April 21Beloved Mother Earth[Quotes]  [Guided Meditation]
April 14Making Room for Grace (Sue K Riley) [Guided Meditation]
April 7Let the Sunshine In[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 31Resurrecting Our Spiritual Nature-Arise in Celebration[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 24Resurrecting Our Spiritual Nature-Entering Into Jerusalem[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 17Envisioneering Our Abundance:  Part 3[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 10Envisioneering Our Abundance:  Part 2[Quotes][Guided Meditation]
March 3Envisioneering Our Abundance [Guided Meditation]
February 24It's Love That Makes The World Go Round-Part 4: Being Part Of A Greater Whole [Guided Meditation]
February 17It's Love That Makes The World Go Round-Part 3: Serving Self, Serving Others [Guided Meditation]
February 10It's Love That Makes The World Go Round-Part 2: Let Your Love Flow [Guided Meditation]
February 3It's Love That Makes The World Go Round-Part 1: Profound Self Acceptance [Guided Meditation]
January 27White Stone Experience-(Part 2) Expansive Self-Expression [Guided Meditation]
January 20White Stone Experience-(Part 1) A New Spiritual Name/Vision [Guided Meditation]
January 13Expanded Horizons-Covenant With God Self [Guided Meditation]
January 6Get Fired Up! (Sue Ellen Peters) [Guided Meditation]



December 30, 2012Hope for 2013 (Rev. Carol Singler)[Guided Meditation]
December 23, 2012The Wonder of Christmas-Make a Joyful Noise[Guided Meditation]
December 16, 2012The Wonder of Christmas-Love That Transcends Differences[Guided Meditation]
December 9, 2012The Wonder of Christmas-Peace in a Busy World[Guided Meditation]
December 2, 2012The Wonder of Christmas-Redefining Hope[Guided Meditation]
November 25, 2012The Road Less Travelled (Lisa Greco)[Guided Meditation]
November 18, 2012Thanks-Living Into Abundance[Guided Meditation]
November 11, 2012Gratitude-Our Key to Abundant Living[Guided Meditation]
November 4, 2012Living Into Prosperity-Part 3: Appreciation and Awareness[Guided Meditation]
October 28, 2012Living Into Prosperity-Part 2: Increasing the Flow[Guided Meditation]
October 21, 2012Living Into Prosperity-Part 1: Clearing the Clutter[Guided Meditation]
October 14, 2012Creating Our Spiritual Home - Part 3: Receiving Our Good[Guided Meditation]
October 7, 2012Creating Our Spiritual Home - Part 2: How We Show Up[Guided Meditation]
September 30, 2012Creating Our Spiritual Home - Part 1: Making Choices[Guided Meditation]
September 23, 2012Sacred Safety[Guided Meditation]
September 16, 2012Prayer Is Universal-Let's Pray Often[Guided Meditation]
September 9, 2012Universal Worship Service (The Rev. Murshida Tasnim Hermila Fernandez) 
September 2, 2012Labor of Love[Guided Meditation]
August 26, 2012Yoga 101: The Dynamics of Change (Don Weeks)[Guided Meditation]
August 19, 2012Honoring Our Inner Child-Part 2: A Play Date with God[Guided Meditation]
August 12, 2012Honoring Our Inner Child-Part 1: Lighten Up[Guided Meditation]
August 5, 2012Building Spiritual Muscle-Part 4: Reaping The Rewards[Guided Meditation]
July 29, 2012Building Spiritual Muscle-Part 3: Taking Positive Action Together[Guided Meditation]
July 22, 2012Building Spiritual Muscle-Part 2: The Workout[Guided Meditation]
July 15, 2012Building Spiritual Muscle-Part 1: Preparation[Guided Meditation]
July 8, 2012A Journey of Faith (Carol Singler)[Guided Meditation]
July 1, 2012As a Mustard Seed (Lisa Greco)[Guided Meditation]
June 24, 2012Sharing from the Heart (Board of Trustees)[Guided Meditation]
June 17, 2012Thanks Dad![Guided Meditation]
June 10, 2012Serving in New Ways[Guided Meditation]
June 3, 2012A Closer Walk With God-For Highest Good of All[Guided Meditation]
May 27, 2012A Closer Walk With God-What We Take for Granted[Guided Meditation]
May 20, 2012A Closer Walk With God-More Than a Personal Connection[Guided Meditation]
May 13, 2012Finding the Balance-A Mother's Delight (Diane Winn)[Guided Meditation]
May 6, 2012What's in Your Mirror? (YOU Sunday)[Guided Meditation]
April 29, 2012Giving Back[Guided Meditation]
April 22, 2012The Gifts We've Been Given[Guided Meditation]
April 15, 2012Loving Our Earth[Guided Meditation]
April 8, 2012Resurrecting Our Spiritual Nature-Part 3: An Easter Transformation[Guided Meditation]
April 1, 2012Resurrecting Our Spiritual Nature-Part 2: Entering into Jerusalem[Guided Meditation]
March 25, 2012Resurrecting Our Spiritual Nature-Part 1: Receptive to Guidance[Guided Meditation]
March 18, 2012From Head to Heart[Guided Meditation]
March 11, 2012One Step at a Time[Guided Meditation]
March 4, 2012Wake Up, Step Up, Move Forward-Part 3[Guided Meditation]
February 26, 2012Wake Up, Step Up, Move Forward-Part 2[Guided Meditation]
February 19, 2012Wake Up, Step Up, Move Forward-Part 1[Guided Meditation]
February 12, 2012Let Your Love Light Shine-Part 2[Guided Meditation]
February 5, 2012Let Your Love Light Shine-Part 1[Guided Meditation]
January 29, 2012Writing to God - A Letter to Our Higher Spiritual Being[Guided Meditation]
January 22, 2012The White Stone Experience - A New Spiritual Self-Vision[Guided Meditation]
January 15, 2012Something About God (Diane DeWitt)[Guided Meditation]
January 8, 2012Letting Go for Good (Terry Peters)[Guided Meditation]
January 1, 2012The Power of Faith (Katie Steele)[Guided Meditation]



December 25, 2011Hallelujah - It's Christmas[Guided Meditation]
December 18, 2011A Christmas Blessing - The Celebration of Joy[Guided Meditation]
December 11, 2011A Christmas Blessing - The Healing Gift of Love[Guided Meditation]
December 4, 2011A Christmas Blessing - The Radiant Power of Peace[Guided Meditation]
November 27, 2011Hope: The Spark That Ignites Our Dreams (Ryan Everett)[Guided Meditation]
November 20, 2011Conscious Gratitude-Partaking of Spiritual Communion[Guided Meditation]
November 13, 2011Conscious Gratitude-The Flow of Receiving and Giving[Guided Meditation]
November 6, 2011Conscious Gratitude-An Attitude of ThanksLiving[Guided Meditation]
October 30, 2011Choosing a Path of Unity[Guided Meditation]
October 23, 2011Mitakuye Oyasin-We Are All Related (Douglas Blue Feather)[Guided Meditation]
October 16, 2011Positively Prosperous, Part 3[Guided Meditation]
October 9, 2011Positively Prosperous, Part 2[Guided Meditation]
October 2, 2011Positively Prosperous, Part 1[Guided Meditation]
September 25, 2011A Global Syllabus for Today's World (Lisa Greco)[Guided Meditation]
September 18, 2011Believe It to See It-Standing Tall in Faith[Guided Meditation]
September 4, 2011Prayer Packs a Positive Punch- Part 1-Letting Prayer Light Shine[Guided Meditation]
August 28, 2011An Attitude of Caring[Guided Meditation]
August 14, 2011Put a Smile on Your Face[Guided Meditation]
August 7, 2011I'm Good Because I Said So (Ryan Everett)[Guided Meditation]
July 31, 2011Creating Our Own Experience- Part 2- Being Part of Spiritual Community[Guided Meditation]
July 24, 2011Creating Our Own Experience- Part 1- Taking Ownership[Guided Meditation]
July 10, 2011With God As Our 'North Star'[Guided Meditation]
July 3, 2011Let Freedom Reign - from Within[Guided Meditation]
June 26, 2011State of the Union[Guided Meditation]
June 12, 2011Walking Our Spiritual Truth[Guided Meditation]
June 5, 2011Manifesting Prosperity Part 3 of 3: Letting Prosperity Flow[Guided Meditation]
May 29, 2011Manifesting Prosperity Part 2 of 3: Focus and Intention[Guided Meditation]
May 22, 2011Manifesting Prosperity Part 1 of 3: Gratitude First[Guided Meditation]
May 8, 2011A Mother's Love[Guided Meditation]
May 1, 2011Light at the End of the Tunnel[Guided Meditation]
April 24, 2011Arise in Celebration[Guided Meditation]
April 17, 2011Our Path of Palms into Jerusalem[Guided Meditation]
April 10, 2011The Difference a Prayer Makes - Part 2: Removing the Filter[Guided Meditation]
April 3, 2011The Difference a Prayer Makes - Part 1: Simple but Effective[Guided Meditation]
March 27, 2011We're All in This Together, Part 3- Serving and Sharing with Love[Guided Meditation]
March 20, 2011We're All in This Together, Part 2- Caring for Self, Caring for Others[Guided Meditation]
March 13, 2011We're All in This Together, Part 1[Guided Meditation]
March 6, 2011From Outer Control to Inner Surrender, Part 2- Sweet Surrender[Guided Meditation]
February 27, 2011From Outer Control to Inner Surrender, Part 1[Guided Meditation]
February 20, 2011Letting Love Open Our Hearts, Part 2[Guided Meditation]
February 13, 2011Letting Love Open Our Hearts, Part 1[Guided Meditation]
February 6, 2011What We Take For Granted, Part 2- Gratitude for All We Receive[Guided Meditation]
January 30, 2011What We Take For Granted; Part 1- Becoming More Aware[Guided Meditation]
January 23, 2011The White Stone Experience - Your Spiritual Self-Vision for 2011[Guided Meditation]



December 26, 2010The Warmth of Spiritual Community[Guided Meditation]
December 19, 2010Rejoice, Rejoice![Guided Meditation]
December 12, 2010Love is the Gift of Christmas[Guided Meditation]
December 5, 2010The Kindly Light of Peace[Guided Meditation]
November 21, 2010Grateful Thanks-Living[Guided Meditation]
November 14, 2010The Spiritual Power of Playfulness[Guided Meditation]
November 7, 2010Becoming A Positivity Magnet[Guided Meditation]
October 31, 2010A Metaphysical Twist on Halloween[Guided Meditation]
October 24, 2010We're All in this Together[Guided Meditation]
October 17, 2010Three Cups of Tea - Making a Difference[Guided Meditation]
October 3, 2010Receptive to God's Good[Guided Meditation]