Checking Us Out?

We’re glad you’re here! Maybe you stumbled across our site while doing a Google search or heard something about us through word of mouth. Maybe through Silent Unity, or reading Daily Word? Perhaps you are looking for something a little different than traditional spiritual practice. You possibly heard of Unity a long time ago and decided to research. However you found us, we believe that it was not a coincidence. We invite you to peruse our website, and if you feel so inclined, visit our bookstore or attend a Sunday service. Maybe both!

There had been interest in starting a local Unity church sind the 1960s, but it wasn't until 1976 that groups of like minded people met up for a four week course. Soon after, services were established at various locations with guest ministers leading. Finally on September 1, 1978, the first full time minister was established and a full time ministry in Michiana was officially born.

We have grown over the years, moved to our current location, which was previously a church. Many congregants have built lifelong friendships and experienced spiritual development as well as improved their everyday lives by practicing Unity principles and living a loving life.

Almost everyone here has a “Unity story” - their own personal account of their beginnings with us. Read a few excerpts from a few of our parishioners:

“I grew up helping others and loving people unconditionally.  After I was in my late teens, my Mother starting going to Unity and found great joy going there. She gave me a Daily word to start reading and I really enjoyed it, so when I moved home to Indiana I started to go, to spend time with her and enjoyed it very much. Its a great place to find love and comfort and learn things along the way.”

~Sherrie, South Bend, Indiana

“During my many walks in nature, one summer afternoon in 2008 my eye caught sight of a sign which read “Unity Church Of Peace”. Immediately, I felt myself overwhelmed by Spirit. The thoughts running through my mind were ‘You seek unification with other like-minded spiritual folk’ and, ‘You seek after peace. Inside is where you’ll find it.’ With having been given such conviction/prompting from what I now recognize as the Divine Spirit, I pushed through my own particular fears by basically boldly entering the doors of this particular church. Here at Unity Church of Peace is where I was made to feel welcomed; and, it is here where my Spirit told me you have now found your Spiritual Family.”

~D.M., South Bend, Indiana

“A friend who introduced me to Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God books told me that the closest thing in the area to the teachings of these books was a Unity church. Years later, in 2006, I found this congregation, visited, and had a "knowing" within 15 minutes that I was "home". Here, I feel the freedom to be and express who I really am. The feeling of love and acceptance is something I had never felt in a church before. It feels so good to attend because of a desire to do so, rather than a feeling of obligation.”

~M.G., Mishawaka, Indiana